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Domino Analytics is an exclusive on-line investment research forum where savvy investors share their best investment ideas and gather to discuss them on a daily basis. If serious independent research is your primary source for investment ideas, Domino Analytics should prove to be an invaluable resource and an essential part of your investment process.

The stocks discovered by Domino Analytics members often include those that offer the most lucrative returns: smaller capitalization companies, emerging growth companies, those in out-of-favor industries, and other special situations including: disruptive technologies, re-emergent orphaned public companies, turnarounds, and post-bankruptcy opportunities. As well, our members have proven adept at identifying profitable short ideas within large established industry sectors on the cusp of going through dramatic disruption. 

Our members include professional and individual investors, as well as engineers, technologists, physicians, entrepreneurs, and corporate professionals. The common trait among our members is a passion for independent research and an ability to bring unique non-public insights to the investment process.

For those that would like to become Contributors to Domino Analytics the benefits of membership are free, but admission is highly selective. If you do your own serious independent research and would like to become a Contributor please select Become A Contributor to find out how.

For investors not interested in becoming Contributors, we offer a limited number of paid memberships. For information on paid subscriptions select Subscribe.

For more detailed information about our investment philosophy and to learn more about the benefits of membership select Our Philosophy